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SmartKey Starter® Remote Start & High Idle for 2014-2018 Sprinter

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Compustar Drone 4G Smart Phone Control X1 LTE discounted with purchase of any SmartKey Starter®

The Drone Mobile by Compustar is an add-on module that allows your existing Smartkey Starter® remote start to be controlled using your iOS or Android smartphone (subscription required).

Compatible models:

Sprinter 2014-2018

  • Start using analog trigger (for use with battery monitor- hold ground to start and run)

  • Adds OEM style high idle with included OBD programmer
  • Remote start automatically engages high idle
  • Enables remote start using factory remote (Lock 3X)
  • Drone smart phone control and RF remotes can be added- external Compustar module required (CM900, CMX, etc)
  • Easily add alarm with Compustar external alarm/remote start brain (CM900, CMX, etc).*
  • Will interface with Compustar alarm/remote start (CM7000)
  • Please note: remote / auto start run time for this system is 2-hours. If remote start command is initiated through an external Compustar or Directed alarm / remote start module (for example, using a Compustar Drone or RF remote connected to a Compustar module) the run time will be dictated by the device that the remote start command was initiated through (for example, Compustar remote start brains can be programmed for 15-45 minute run-times). If initiating remote start command through OEM key fob or through device connected directly into the SmartKey Starter® module, run time will be the default setting (2 hour default for this system). If a shorter run time is desired, please contact us for custom programming. 
    • Note: when using this auto start with external 1-wire trigger (latched ground to start and run) the system will re-start if ground is still applied to start wire after run-time expiration. The system will continue running and re-starting until external trigger removes ground signal. 

*OEM key fob will not arm or disarm external alarm. Use Compustar Drone or external RF remote to arm/disarm alarm.