PedalBox by PedalControl US
PedalBox by PedalControl US
PedalBox by PedalControl US

PedalBox by PedalControl US

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PedalControl US has developed the Pedalbox in order to improve throttle response in modern cars. The Pedalbox optimizes the serial signal of the electronic throttle pedal, which leads the engine control unit to a different standard setting. With the free-of-charge mobile app, you can configure the Pedalbox according to your needs.

  • Enhanced responsive behavior
  • Easy assembly
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Mobile app control
  • Any desired number of speed levels
  • Enables quicker gear shifts
  • Sport driving performance


  • Improved throttle response for all vehicle types (naturally aspirated, turbo, compressor)
  • Suitable for all vehicles with automatic or manual transmissions
  • No more delays in acceleration when pressing the accelerator
  • No more "flat spots" - the transmission applies power evenly
  • All PedalBox settings can be tailored - precisely to the driver’s needs


  1. Turn off the ignition and wait five minutes.
  2. Loosen the plug connection from the original plug adapter.
  3. Attach both OEM connectors to the accelerator pedal sensor.
  4. Lay the cables in such a way that they are securely installed and are not interfering with anything else.
  5. Attach the PedalBox at a comfortable height in relation to the driver's seat.
  6. Done!


Throttle response has less to do with how much power a vehicle has but rather how long it needs to fully release this power, with petrol engines frequently performing better here than diesel ones in this regard. Usually, a naturally aspirated engine is more powerful than a compressor or a turbocharger, a fact which is however not often noticed as the cars are given different response times by the manufacturer. But even when the same engine types are compared, ultimately a difference in response will be determined, as there are a wide range of factors that influence the response of an engine. The throttle response of a stick-shift or a semi-automatic car can be easily enhanced simply by changing gears – in the case of a small car trying to overtake another car for instance, by moving from 5th to 4th gear. Most vehicles are equipped with a drive-by-wire system. Here, acceleration is achieved by way of an electric signal and not by the familiar Bowden cable, something that most people are not aware of. This system is called ETC or ECM. The problem is that these systems often suffer from a significant signal delay, which the Pedalbox can compensate for perfectly. This means that more energy is available to the car once again.





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