Custom Electrical Design

Custom Electrical Design

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Custom Electrical Design 


 System Overview

Building something special? Let Nomadic Cooling help you design a custom electrical system for your Overland rig.  

When you purchase your electrical Kit from Nomadic Cooling you are guaranteed to be buying the best products on the market ensuring both safety and longevity. 

Nomadic Cooling's installation rates are $189 per hour. A custom electrical design will at minimum require 40 hours of labor, but can even go beyond 80 hours depending upon your needs. Contact one of our technicians to learn more.
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System Design

Electrical design is the most important factor in functionality and safety. Safety is often overlooked when building an electrical system. At Nomadic Cooling safety is our number one priority! 

Product Sourcing

Nomadic Cooling is a wholesale distributor for Victron, Wakespeed, Nations Starter & Alternator, Ancor, Blue Sea, and Dometic.

All electrical components sold at Nomadic Cooling are used in our personal and Company vehicles GUARANTEED!

Each kit comes standard with the following:

  • A full electrical diagram
  • Complete list of components  
  • 2 hours of phone support to determine scope of project.
  • A digital download for all product manuals, user guides, and product dimensions.