AP037 Series - V8 Advanced Plug and Play Battery Management System

AP037 Series - V8 Advanced Plug and Play Battery Management System

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Made-to-Order with Customizable Features
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NeverDie® BMS Features

  • OptoLoop® Cell Monitoring 
  • MiniBMS® Cell Balancing 
  • NeverDie Reserve (Reset/Power Switch) 
  • Low-Voltage Cutoff Protection (Over-Discharge) 
  • High-Voltage Cutoff Protection (Over-Charge) 
  • Short Circuit Protection 
  • Current Direction Based Temperature Intervention Sensor 
  • UL Approved Fully Redundant Protective Safety Circuits 
  • Military Grade Latching Contactor with Aux Contact Monitoring 
  • Coulomb Based State-of-Charge Meter 
  • Programmable NeverDie Reserve & AGSR 
  • State of Health Monitoring (Status & Fault Codes) 
  • BMS Data Telemetry – CANBus 
  • BMS Data Telemetry – Bluetooth or Serial Port Order Option
  • BMS Data Telemetry – Ethernet TCP/IP Optional
  • Dual Channel (Independent Charge/Discharge Channels) Redundant Coil-Driven Contactor Optional
  • Internal Pre-Charge Circuit (Programmable) Optional for 48V to 96V

Ampseal I/O Features

  • Alternator Field Control Circuit (FCC) 
  • CANBus (Supports RV-C BMS Data & NCC Charger Series) 
  • Remote Power Switch 
  • Serial UART BMS Data Telemetry (Alternate: Serial RS232) 
  • Automatic Generator Start/Restart (AGSR) 
  • External Pre-Charge Circuit Control (Alternate: Heater Power) 
  • BMS Auxiliary Power Input (AC Sense) 
  • High Voltage Charger Interlock 
  • Tri-Color LED Pod (Alternate: LED for Remote Reset Switch) 
  • Alarm Circuit 
  • Battery Percent (0-5V Signal) 
  • Emergency Stop Input (E-Stop Circuit)