Amp hour meters are used to give detailed information about a battery bank including voltage, amps going in or out, and charge remaining. Most also save historical information which is extremely useful for troubleshooting. 


The Victron meters shown here can be hooked up to a computer or to a GSM link for remote monitoring. The Blue Sea meter shown here monitors AC current and tank capacities in addition to battery capacity. The Balmar Smartgauge uses a totally novel way to measure battery capacity 




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This is the latest version of the BMV Amp Hour Meter, now called the BMV712. It replaces the BMV702 that went before it by adding built in Bluetooth.  It keeps track of current flowing in and out of a battery bank and uses a sophisticated algorithm to read out the state of charge of the battery in Percentage Remaining and Amp Hours Remaining. It also displays Volts and Amps, time to go, and Consumed Energy and keeps track of Historic Data including Battery Efficiency, Average Discharge, Deepest Discharge, Number of Cycles, Overvoltage, and Undervoltage Alarms.



  • Victron Energy BMV 712 battery monitor
  • Monitors volts, amps, amp hours and time to go for a single battery bank.
  • See our article: All about amp hour meters 
  • Reads voltage (only) for a second bank, OR midpoint voltage 
  • Can read temperature (with addition of optional temperature sensor)
  • Included shunt measures up to 500 Amps 
  • For use with DC systems from 12 to 70 volts 
  • Visual and audible alarms and programmable alarm 
  • 10 metre cable, connectors and fuse included. 
  • We can special order shorter cables for a small charge but it will delay your order. 
  • Special order cables come in 0.3m, 0.9m, 1.8m, 3m, and 5m
  • Removeable bezel allows round or square face for display
  • Read the blog post
  • More videos



The primary advantage of the BMV 712 over the BMV 702 and separate Bluetooth Dongle is that by building in the Bluetooth component into the meter the VE Direct port is available for other uses (eg connecting to the Color Control GX)


A note about the voltage limit of this unit:  70 Volts is the maximum allowed voltage and not 95 Volts as listed in their literature.  Their literature will be corrected.

Victron Energy BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor with Bluetooth

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