Perfect for those that are on the road for longer periods of time, or who would enjoy the use of shore power. The explorer package includes everything from the Scout package, plus the components needed to add AC current to your electrical system in your mobile application.


Victron 300AH lithium battery 

Victron Energy BMS110022000 Smart Battery Management System BMS CL 12-100 (Alternator charging up to 80A)

Victron Energy Multi Plus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE Bus Inverter/Charger (PMP123021102)

Victron MultiControl GX- Used to control inverter

Victron Battery Protect 220A prevents over discharge of batteries

Blue Sea 12v plug and Dual USB- Used to power 12v devices

Victron BMV 712

Victron BMV 712 Temperature sensor 

Blue Sea 187 - Series Thermal Circuit Breaker 100A 

Blue Sea 187 - Series Thermal Circuit Breaker 100A 

Blue Sea 187 - Series Thermal Circuit Breaker - 50A

BEP 778-T2S Class T Fuse Block

Blue Sea Class T Fuse

Blue Sea 300A ON-OFF Switch

Blue Sea 5025 DC Fuse Block

BEP Bus Bar 5X 650A

BEP Bus Bar 5X 650A

2/0 Battery Cable Per 20 Foot Red 20 Feet Black

12 AWG Cable 100ft Roll

15A House Outlets- Used to power devices like you would in your home.


Plus all other components needed for a full 12v and 120v electric build with capability's for getting power from external source such as an rv hookup, or generator.


Feel free to copy our product list and design your own system at home.


$6,371.00 Regular Price
$6,052.45Sale Price
Victron Lithium Package
  • $8,970 additional when installed by Nomadic Cooling in Phoenix Arizona with an estimated 65 hours of labor.

  • Blue Sea 300A ON-OFF Switch

    Blue Sea 187 - Series Thermal Circuit Breaker - 60Amp 

    Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller

    Solar Double entry Gland

    Waterproof RV sealant white/black

    8AWG 20 foot red 20Ft Black solar wire

    Plus everything you need to connect Solar to this electrical system

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