Shipping Issues

Updated: Jul 27

Damage to our units durring the shipping process has increased over the last few months. This is an unsettling post to write but I think its important to explain how shipping company's work and how the added insurance works.

All Nomadic Cooling AC units have added insurance during the shipping process. Shipping from our facility in Arizona to your destination. If any damage occurs during shipping it is fully covered. But, beware of the small print.

It is very important that you do not accept delivery if you notice any visable damage to the package. If the driver will allow you the time please open the package before signing any paperwork. Once the paperwork has been signed we may loose all rights to file an insurance claim.

*****Please photograph any and all damage to the package and the unit and email/text them to Nomadic Cooling ASAP*****

****If the package looks broken, ripped, torn, or disheveled in any way please contact Nomadic Cooling ASAP*****

Your Package should arrive in this condition. if it does not PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT.

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