DIYVans Custom Waterproof Gaskets

DIYVans builds custom gaskets for your specific placement on your specific rig. Let Hein know Nomadic Cooling sent you!

For technical questions or product inquiries:

Call or text Hein at 541-490-5098 or email ""

If you're having issues with your order or need to make a change:

Call or text Kim at 541-490-4292 or email ""

If you are building a custom rig you may need a custom waterproof gasket for your rooftop openings. If you feel like a little extra waterproofing may be necessary for your fan/air conditioner opening on your rig give DIYVans a call.

Let's take a look at DIYVans products and how to incorporate in your Nomadic Cooling Installation.

14X14 gasket "custom for your rig and your exact placement"

Place over 14x14 opening.

Add your favorite RV Rooftop sealant to create waterproof barrier.

Add Nomadic Cooling custom rooftop gasket on top of DIYVans custom waterproofing barrier.

Add more RV Rooftop sealant

Need more support?

DIYVans can create custom gaskets perfectly for the Nomadic Cooling 3000 unit!

Use this gasket for a PERFECT waterproof seal!!

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