2021 Winnebago Revel Air Conditioner Replacement

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Thank you to the "General" and the "Generals Assistant" from the_van_collective for allowing Nomadic Cooling into their home and into their REFRIGERATOR.

This was a fun project!!

The replacement takes about 8 hours from start to finish. Maybe 6 if you have experience. The hardest part was running the 2AWG wires from the batteries to the ac unit. This does not include fine-tuning interior trim pieces.

Take a look at the final Product, Rooftop shroud painted black to match the rest of the rig.

Take a peek at the Lithionics bluetooth Interface super slick and easy to use.

Max Cooling

About 90 F outside

29A consumption Per Battery

58A Total consumption

Roughly 4 hours of Compressor on time in high cool.

Roughly 5 hours of Compressor on time in eco cool.

I am going to omit consumption numbers from the original air conditioning unit but if you have a Revel you probably know how many amps/ watts your current rooftop air conditioner uses. If you don't you can easily look it up.

Prior to final placement 100A Blue sea breaker in battery bay.

187 Blue Sea Breaker 100A in final position held down with double sided tape.

Making a template to cover ceiling markings from original air conditioner.

the_van_collective doing a little arts and crafts to make a custom frame for the interior vent. This does take a bit of craftsmanship we will try to make this easier for revel owners in the future.

A close up view of the fabric the_van_collective picked for the interior trim and the Nomadic Cooling flush mount interior vent.

Finished installation of interior vent.

Finished installation of interior vent

This custom divider/curtain separates the sleeping area and the remaining sections of the rig. Such a great and simple idea to reduce your battery consumption needs and affectively cool your rig on extremely hot days.

Post Installation Update

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