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All your electrical components for your next adventure

We have all the parts to power up your next adventure, from batteries to inverters, and we can even design a complete electrical system.

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electrical kits

Make sure to check back soon as our electrical integration department is close to finishing up an electrical kit to suit any of your needs.

Keep an eye on everything
Why should you invest in a Battery Management System?

A battery management system allows users to monitor individual cells within a battery pack. As cells work together to release energy to the load, it is crucial to maintain stability throughout the whole pack.

This is where a battery management system (BMS) comes into play. A BMS allows for constant monitoring, gathering, and communicating information to an external interface where users can observe the status of each cell and the health of the battery pack as a whole. The BMS monitors and manages a battery pack in order to protect it from damage, prolong its life, and keep the battery operating within its safety limits. These functions are key to efficiency, reliability, and safety. 


You spent thousands of dollars on your rig don't let faulty cables make it all disappear. Ensuring proper cable sizing, construction and ratings can give you the peace of mind need it to enjoy your adventure.

Protect your electrical circuit

Fuses & Circuit Breakers both serve the same purpose – which is to protect electrical circuits by preventing overloads that can cause fires. Don't overlook the importance of revamping this crucial part of your electrical system.

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Nomadic Cooling can custom build or revamp your electrical system no matter of the rig or the the application.

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