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Victron Energy Orion 100 Amp Programmable Buck Boost DC-DC Converter

by Victron
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Part Number: ORI303100000

DC-DC Converters are used to step up or step down DC voltages. This model is programmable and so can be used in a variety of ways. It was specially developed for use in motor vehicles with the purpose of regulating the charge from the vehicles alternator to an auxiliary battery. In particular it was designed for use with the type of smart alternators and dynamos used on vehicles such as the Sprinter Van where the output voltage can vary dramatically. To avoid interfering with the vehicles electronics, which might cause warranty issues, the buck boost converter can be programmed to use its built in vibration sensor to only operate when the engine is running.  The output produced by the converter can be regulated to suit the requirements of the auxiliary battery system, and in the case of Lithium batteries it can prevent excessive load on the alternator by limiting how much charge is available for the Lithium battery.  This sophisticated device is a clever work around to all kinds of difficult problems that can be encountered when making modifications to these vehicles.

  • For charging a 12V or 24V house battery in vehicles with a smart alternator (regenerative braking, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines)
  • Charges the auxiliary battery with a pre-set charge voltage, eliminating high voltages (e.g. Mercedes: 15,4V) and low voltages.
  • Programmable on/off can be from a built in vibration sensor or a programmable input (D+, CANbus or (+)15 connection
  • The converter can be fully programmed by means of a simple and user friendly PC application. (USB cable needed)
  • The converter can be programmed to charge a 12V or a 24V auxiliary battery from either a 12V or a 24V alternator and starter battery.
  • Input voltage range 7-35 Volts
  • Output voltage range 2-30 Volts
  • Maximum input voltage 60 Volts
  • Adjustable current limiter
  • Temperature monitoring
  • LED status indicators
  • Output for activation/deactivation of loads
  • USB for configuration/monitoring
  • Built-in Lithium battery low voltage protection
  • Two converters can be connected parallel when the settings are identical