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New Summer Hours Starting June 5th. 7:00AM-5:30PM M-F
New Summer Hours Starting June 5th. 7:00AM - 5:30PM M-F

Wanderer 330Ah 12V Electrical Kit: Optimal Power for Off-Grid Explorers


Purchase a kit today that was designed to make the purchasing process effortless!

Kit prices and components are subject to change based on availability.

    Equip your RV or camper with the Wanderer 330Ah 12V Electrical Kit - a dependable power solution designed for seamless installation, efficient energy management, and worry-free off-grid living.

   Not only do our electrical systems prioritize safety, but they are also designed for convenience and ease-of-use. Our all-in-one systems simplify the installation process and reduce the need for multiple components. Additionally, we provide a detailed diagram with each system, making it easy for our customers to understand how it works and ensuring they can use it to its full potential. Trust in Nomadic Cooling for a safe, reliable, and convenient electrical solution that meets all your needs.

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