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AC Install & Troubleshooting

02 - Before You Switch It ON!
With any energy system comes the potential for hazards and malfunctions if not installed properly. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken to guarantee a safe and efficient operation....

Nomadic Cooling stands behind their A/C units 100%!  To make sure you can hit the road and enjoy the van life, you need to do some simple checks on your A/C unit.

1. Get on the roof of your van and make sure that your fan is free of debris

2. Go inside the vehicle, unscrew the bolts of your interior vent, pull it off and look inside to make sure that your mounting bars are snug in place.  Check that the foam gasket has not shrunk from temperature changes and is still snug.

3. While your vent is still off, get on top of your van and spray with a hose water all around your unit.  Look for any leaks going into the A/C unit.  Best if you find these leaks now before you go out on the road.  Condensation leak can happen too if turned on during a humid day.

4. Last, while the vent is still off, check to make sure that the foam air separator is in place and is separating the cold air from the hot air.  

Of course, while you are doing all of these simple checks, be sure to be careful with the control panel.  Any damage to this will result in your A/C unit not working. 

We don't want you to have any delays on your upcoming expeditions, so take the time to follow the steps outlined by Jonathan on this Youtube video!  And as always we are here ready to answer any questions that you may have!

Go Further in Comfort with Nomadic Cooling!

Nomad 3.0 Electrical System for Sprinter Conversion I Nomadic Cooling I Vanlife I Demetic RTX 2000

It's always a great feeling when one of our customers stops by and shows off their project!  Colin, his wife, and sweet dogs are traveling for 3 months in total confidence that they will be safe and comfortable!

You can see the pride Colin has in his build.  His hard work has paid off.  How awesome is it to be able to help him find and put the best products in his van!

If you are looking to do a van conversion and want some help navigating the right electrical systems and air conditioning units that are right for your needs, then give us a shout out!

Let Nomadic Cooling help you to Go Further in Comfort!


Nomadic Cooling 2000/3000 Dimensions For A Correct Fit
Nomadic Cooling is here to support you!  Here we have provided the measurements for deciding the correct placement on your roof.  Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions! Go Further in Comfort with Nomadic Cooling!  ...
Troubleshooting 101 - Nomadic Cooling 2000 12V
Here are the steps to troubleshoot your Nomadic Cooling 2000 12V AC unit if you are having issues with the AC unit turning on.
Nomadic Cooling Installation Guide Part 1 of 3
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Nomadic Cooling 2000/3000 Installation Directions
While we test all units before they leave the warehouse, we recommend all customers test the unit before installation.  Below are all the included parts with your Nomadic Cooling AC Unit. We highly recommend verifying all parts are there prior...