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Off Grid Electrical Kit Explained
The Roamer's Electrical System is outfitted with your choice of Victron 200ah or 330 ah battery. The battery hooks up to the Lynx Distributor which helps monitor the status of each fuse. Main battery management will come from the Victron...
Wanderer Electrical Kit Explained
Van Genius explains the Wanderer Electrical Kit and all it's benefits.  
Inverter Options for your Overland Electrical System
Van Genius talks about the differences in each of the electrical inverters offered by Victron Energy for your overland rig. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/sTgztMslJpI
Victron Energy Lithium Batteries
Van Genius discusses best practices and procedures when it comes to using lithium energy to power your overland electrical system. Go Further in Comfort!
Overland Electrical System Explained
Van Genius breaks down the Victron Energy Electrical System for your overland rig.
Victron Cerbo GX I Touch 70 I GX LTE 4G I Nomadic Cooling
Victron has mastered the complex electrical needs of your overland rig and adventures with awesome different pieces of equipment.  Van Genius utilizes many if not all of these pieces in his own personal vans and talks about the beauty of each component.
Victron Battery Protect 220 for your OVERLAND ELECTRICAL KIT
When battery life and safety matter to you in your overland adventures, then choose the number 1 in all things electric...Victron Energy!  Van Genius walks you through the uses of the Victron Battery Protect 220 and the many valuable uses for you!
Battery Management System for your Overland Electrical System
Van Genius brings more dc to dc charging to the table with Victron's CL100 and VE. Bus BMS.
Lynx Distributor for Off Grid Electrical System
The Van Genius breaks down the Victron Energy Lynx Distribution System for your off grid electrical system. Also featuring the Lynx Smart Shunt, Lynx Smart BMS, and Lynx Power In.
Nomad Electrical Kit Short
Watch the Van Genius youtube short showing off the creme de la creme of electrical systems...The Nomad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9Ge8hEw8Tc
Custom Electrical System I Ford Transit I Nomadic Cooling I Victron Energy
The Van Genius shows another awesome custom electrical system design done for a special corporate customer!  
Don't forget to Go Further in Comfort and style with Nomadic Cooling!
The Wanderer Electrical Kit I Off Grid I Nomadic Cooling I Van Conversion
The Wanderer's electrical system is straightforward.  The Victron VE Bus BMS helps you monitor everything from the overall voltage to amperage pulls to the amperage charges.  This system is outfitted with Victron 200ah or 330 ah batteries hooked into a Lynx Distributor.  From there a few fuses and a Blue Sea breaker panel are all there is between the electrical system and light to read by or a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning.  Even better, it could be hooked up to our Nomadic 3000 12V for some cool, refreshing relief on a hot summer day! 
All it takes to help charge the batteries back up for another day's use is a Victron Orion hooked up to your stock alternator or a secondary alternator if you choose.  To kick your system up a notch, we have an option for solar charging with the solar MPPT.