The inception of the Nomad is the Victron Lithium battery connecting into one of two Victron Lynx Distributors and then onto the Victron Lynx Smart BMS.  This is the main way of monitoring the internals which will communicate with the Victron Cerbo GX.  The Cerbo GX is a state of art communication center which allows you to have perfect control over your electrical system and maximize its performance; through Bluetooth, it transmits to your phone the battery voltage, amperage pull, amperage charge, alternator charge, and MultiPlus activity.  For added safety the Victron Energy Lynx Smart BMS takes full control over monitoring your batteries with a fall-back safety mechanism and a pre-alarm signal to provide a warning before the system shuts down.  The Nomad also has the MultiPlus inverter/charger for shore charging, providing you the comfort of enjoying your electrical needs while your system is recharging with a simple plug-in.  The MultiPlus has an AC main breaker allowing for larger voltage needs. Utilizing that second distributor becomes paramount as you add the extras.  Secondary alternators with regulators which support the batteries with added amperage and the Victron Solar MPPT for hooking up to solar panels are two of those additions.  Safety being paramount means that the Victron Smart Battery Protect goes to a breaker and then a DC distribution breaker panel is added to ensure that you can protect your family as well as your system.
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