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Custom Electrical System for a Ford Transit Camper Conversion

Here at Nomadic Cooling we love a good challenge!  It was an exciting opportunity to have such a big company trust us with this build!

Our experts here were able to create a custom electrical system, that's affordable, safe and easy to assemble.

The requirements for our company were to fit the electrical system into the box space, so that when these systems were installed in their conversion vans they could easily remove them and replace them with another preassembled box if there were to be any issues.  Makes the traveller feel confident that they can have an enjoyable trip with all their electrical needs being met!

Go Further in Comfort with Nomadic Cooling!

ELECTRIC WIRE CRIMPERS SET 18V I Nomadic Cooling I Electrical System

Electric crimpers make a difficult job easy!  Why risk the hand cramps and muscle strains when you have a great tool added to your tool chest?

Whether you just using them for your own projects or a business that does multiple crimps a day, these electric wire crimpers are a smart addition!

Reach out to us today and let our team help you Go Further in Comfort!

Nomadic Cooling Air Separator I Van Life I Battery Powered AC

Nomadic Cooling is dedicated to efficiency!  We want your unit to work at it's best at all times.  In knowing that, we understand there are many makes and models of vans that you may place your Nomadic A/C on top of which means the space between roof and ceiling heights can vary.  The quickest, best solution is to block that cool air from escaping your interior and being lost to the abyss of the roof space, with one of our foam separators.  

Simple fix with a small price tag to make your cooling experience that much better!

Go Further in Comfort with Nomadic Cooling!

Nomadic Cooling I Battery Powered AC I Shroud I Van Life Update I New Black Shroud

Nomadic Cooling is blowing people away with our awesome Nomadic Air Conditioners!  Our customers are loving traveling in comfort for sure, but something they are really digging is the sleek and aerodynamic shape and look of our units.  Our shrouds used to only come in white, but now they come in black! Gorgeous!  Looks stunning with your darker colored vehicles.

Our customers have been impressed with the black shrouds, as they are produced with a black plastic that runs through it.  If your shroud were to get scratched it will not show, like it would if it were painted or powder coated!  Cost effective when the alternative was to have it painted and not have it last as long.

Another improvement we have made to our units was our mounting attachments.  As always, we strive to put out the best products and that means continuing to listen to our customers needs and meet those needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your unit?  Reach out to us today and join the Nomadic Cooling family!  Let us help you put your dreams in motion!

Go Further in Comfort with Nomadic Cooling!

Electrical Components for your battery Powered AC I Victron I Overlanding I Nomadic Cooling

Nomadic Cooling is superior in meeting your cooling needs with our fantastic Nomadic A/C units...but how do juice those babies?  With electricity!

Nomadic Cooling has lots of tech support standing by just waiting for you to reach out and ask questions regarding running your units safely, efficiently, and with maximum cooling comfort.

We are stocked and ready to rock!  So call us today and let us help you 

Go Further in Comfort!

Victron Electrical kit for Nomadic Cooling 3000 I Battery Powered AC I Van Life

Nomadic Cooling is dedicated to safety first!  We work hard to ensure that when you take your overland rig out, that you will be safe and satisfied with your cooling system.  This begins with an electrical system that not only meets your needs but also is safe. 

Our tech support, is a dedicated team of professionals who make sure they are up to date on all things electrical.  We want to make sure that an electrical that is installed by you or another company is going to be appropriate for your electrical needs.

Jonathan outlines the Nomad 3.0 and all its benefits, while making sure that you understand the pros and cons of size and safety.

Do you want to Go Further in Comfort safely?  Then call us up today and make the right choice in Electrical systems with Nomadic Cooling!

19' Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion For Sale I Nomadic Cooling I Overlanding I Van Life

Are you looking for adventure?  Are you looking to hit the open road and find off the grid places to soak up some of Mother Nature's glory?  

How about you avoid the hassle of the build and the time lost that you could be out exploring our world and purchase this complete, top of the line Van!  

You know that it's outfitted with all the best equipment and safely installed!  It has tested, proven to withstand and uphold all that we here at Nomadic Cooling take serious!  Going Further in Comfort!

Reach out soon and don't miss out on the deal of a lifetime!

Go Further in Comfort in this amazing VAN!!!

The Best Ice Chests for Outdoors I Dometic I Nomadic Cooling

Dometic just surprised us with some cool products that we are stoked to pass onto our customers!  

Dometic Ice Coolers come in various sizes, colors, and can make all your cold food dreams come true.  

Dometic has many other products that we sell on our website to make your outdoor camping enjoyable, including tables, chairs, blankets, umbrellas, water jugs with attachments, thermo cups and water bottles, and many many more items!

So Go Further in Comfort with Nomadic Cooling!  We will help you get your camping gear in order!

Nomadic Cooling Shipping Update I Battery Powered AC I Off-Grid Living I Dometic

Nomadic Cooling is always working hard to provide the best service!

We may not have control over shipping issues on our products getting to us or you, but we pride ourselves in keeping our customers in the loop!

As we get information updates we like to pass those onto our customers!

So if you are looking for a great company to help you Go Further in Comfort, then look no further than Nomadic Cooling!

Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Global Expeditionary Vehicle I Nomadic Cooling I GXV Patagonia I Off-Road RV
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Victron Energy Products for your Overland Rig
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!