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Nomadic Cooling is superior in meeting your cooling needs with our fantastic Nomadic A/C units...but how do juice those babies?  With electricity!

Nomadic Cooling has lots of tech support standing by just waiting for you to reach out and ask questions regarding running your units safely, efficiently, and with maximum cooling comfort.

We are stocked and ready to rock!  So call us today and let us help you 

Go Further in Comfort!

51V Battery by Lithionics I Nomadic Cooling I F750 I Overland Rig

Lithionics Battery® uses an organic Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate chemistry in all of our lithium battery models. This naturally safe chemistry is paired with an internal shut down curtain technology inside each lithium cell, preventing any flame or explosion from thermal runaway events. During use, the NeverDie® Battery Management System is continually monitoring each lithium cell every second to ensure the safest operation of your system. Lithionics Battery’s safety technology has been validated by third party accredited facilities such as Underwriter Laboratory for UL listing and MGA Research Corporation for UN DOT compliance. These agencies certify that our Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery systems with our NeverDie® Battery Management System technology remains safe even under extreme test conditions.

Nomadic Cooling puts safety first!  We are aware that the most important things in your vehicle are you and your family.  We want to help ensure that you remain safe while you are out making memories.  While price can divert you from making a safer choice, it is money well spent.  

Go Further in Comfort with our cold air technology and do it safely with Lithionics!  We are here to help guide you through the appropriate system set up for your needs!

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Cooling Capacity I Battery Powered AC I Nomadic Cooling 3000

A great demonstration by Jonathan at Nomadic Cooling showing that he is committed to meeting your needs and expectations.  Doing the in house experiments in Phoenix, Arizona during the summer to showcase the extreme temperatures and how they vary the output of the A/C units is just one way he puts the customers first.  Jonathan puts his own rig through the tests with all it's bells and whistles to show how his Nomadic A/C will take the heat, but also not oversell it.  He wants you to know the realistic expectations you should have when installing an A/C unit by any brand for your traveling needs.  

Make sure you invest in quality and safety first!  It has shown through his customers testimony that when they invested with us, they were elated with the product!  

Take Nomadic Cooling along on your journeys and
let us help you Go Further in Comfort!
Noise Level I Nomadic Cooling 3000 I Battery Powered AC I Van Life Essential
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
Dometic RTX 2000 Battery Consumption Test Part 2 l Victron 100ah Battery l Nomadic Cooling
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!