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Troubleshooting. Low Voltage Battery Low A/C Fault

Troubleshooting. Low Voltage Battery Low A/C Fault

The low voltage ac fault can be a frustrating problem. Lets see if we can discover the issue and how to solve the problem.
Nomadic Cooling 2000/3000
Please watch the video below. You will notice the voltage of the battery is 12.5 but due to voltage drop when the compressor activates the voltage quickly drops under the 11.2V DC shut off. This automatic shut off is designed to protect your electrical system.
To overcome voltage drop please follow these useful suggestions.
1: Increase wire size to the air conditioner. A minimum of 2 awg is recommended.
2: Increase battery bank size.
3: Wire batteries in parallel.
4: Only use Blue Sea 187 breakers.  
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