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Nomadic Cooling X3
THE ALL NEW NOMADIC X³ Smaller, Smarter, Superior Nomadic X3 is a work of art and engineering. This new 12V A/C is the go-to for Overlanders, RV'ers, Vancampers, and anyone looking to go further in comfort. And yes, you can...
Indel B OFF Plein-Aircon 12V Air Conditioner Unboxing
Van Genius gives a brief overview of the new OFF Plein-Aircon 12V air conditioner by indel B in this unboxing video. Go Further in comfort.
Off Grid Electrical Kit Explained
The Roamer's Electrical System is outfitted with your choice of Victron 200ah or 330 ah battery. The battery hooks up to the Lynx Distributor which helps monitor the status of each fuse. Main battery management will come from the Victron...
Wanderer Electrical Kit Explained
Van Genius explains the Wanderer Electrical Kit and all it's benefits.  
Inverter Options for your Overland Electrical System
Van Genius talks about the differences in each of the electrical inverters offered by Victron Energy for your overland rig. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/sTgztMslJpI
Victron Energy Lithium Batteries
Van Genius discusses best practices and procedures when it comes to using lithium energy to power your overland electrical system. Go Further in Comfort!
Overland Electrical System Explained
Van Genius breaks down the Victron Energy Electrical System for your overland rig.
CA Tuned Hood Shocks
In stock and ready to rock!  The Van Genius shows us how awesome the CA Tuned Hood Shocks are!  Installed on our SEMA show Sprinter Van outfitted in Dometic gear!
Victron Cerbo GX I Touch 70 I GX LTE 4G I Nomadic Cooling
Victron has mastered the complex electrical needs of your overland rig and adventures with awesome different pieces of equipment.  Van Genius utilizes many if not all of these pieces in his own personal vans and talks about the beauty of each component.
Victron Battery Protect 220 for your OVERLAND ELECTRICAL KIT
When battery life and safety matter to you in your overland adventures, then choose the number 1 in all things electric...Victron Energy!  Van Genius walks you through the uses of the Victron Battery Protect 220 and the many valuable uses for you!
Nomad Electrical Kit Short
Watch the Van Genius youtube short showing off the creme de la creme of electrical systems...The Nomad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9Ge8hEw8Tc
Custom Electrical System I Ford Transit I Nomadic Cooling I Victron Energy
The Van Genius shows another awesome custom electrical system design done for a special corporate customer!  
Don't forget to Go Further in Comfort and style with Nomadic Cooling!
Family travel I Mercedes Sprinter Conversion I 1 year on the road I Van Life
Brandon and Dina have been enjoying a life on the road for a year and have put our Nomadic 2000 to the test, even on the night before this video sleeping in our parking lot on a high 90's temperature night...not to mention the black top just holding all that heat in.  Nomadic Cooling A/C units are the best!
When you are looking to upgrade to the best unit out there, then give us a call!
Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!
The Roamer Electrical Kit I Off Grid I Nomadic Cooling I Van Conversion
Our electrical systems are designed for all your power needs, whether you are a weekend adventurer or living full time on the road!  These systems combine reliability and efficiency without compromising on safety.  Each kit comes with all the components you need to get yourself out on the road and living your best life! 
We make your electrical system experience hassle free by providing you with professionally designed, easy to follow graphic blueprints for each system set up plus a youtube video walk through! 
The Wanderer Electrical Kit I Off Grid I Nomadic Cooling I Van Conversion
The Wanderer's electrical system is straightforward.  The Victron VE Bus BMS helps you monitor everything from the overall voltage to amperage pulls to the amperage charges.  This system is outfitted with Victron 200ah or 330 ah batteries hooked into a Lynx Distributor.  From there a few fuses and a Blue Sea breaker panel are all there is between the electrical system and light to read by or a fresh brewed cup of coffee in the morning.  Even better, it could be hooked up to our Nomadic 3000 12V for some cool, refreshing relief on a hot summer day! 
All it takes to help charge the batteries back up for another day's use is a Victron Orion hooked up to your stock alternator or a secondary alternator if you choose.  To kick your system up a notch, we have an option for solar charging with the solar MPPT.
Dometic Center Console Fridge I Ford F-150 I GM Truck I Nomadic Cooling

Nomadic Cooling Company wants your travel adventures to begin with less stress and that starts with an easy install of a 

Dometic CCF-T Center Console Refrigerator.  When you realize what how easy it is to install and how it can add value to your vehicle and travels, it's a no brainer!  

Hurry and grab yours up soon!  Sales on these guys won't last forever!!

Go Further in ease with Nomadic Cooling!

Dometic Center Console Fridge I Ford F-150 I GM Trucks I Nomadic Cooling

Nomadic Cooling Company says let's Go Further in Comfort and we mean it!  What's more comfortable then cruising down the highway and not having to pull over to grab a cool drink out of your ice chest!  Just reach into your center console and pull out a soda pop or ice cold water to wet your whistle!

All the refreshments with the least amount of hassle! 

Go Further in your new hassle free rig interior with Nomadic Cooling!

Ram TRX 702 HP Truck I Walk Through I Nomadic Cooling I Dometic

Was that a Dometic A/C I saw on the roof of that camper shell?  Here at Nomadic Cooling we are dedicated to keeping things cool!  Whether you are using the bed of your truck for camping, storing items that need to remain cool, or you have your beloved pets back there...we got your back!

Call us up at 480-576-2489 or go to our website at www.nomadiccooling.com and check out what we have to offer!

Our sales and tech team are amazing at answering all your questions!

Go Further with Nomadic Cooling!

The ProHeat X30 I BEST HEATER ON THE MARKET I Nomadic Cooling I Off Grid

Hot Air Technology might seem like foreign territory here at Nomadic Cooling, but we aren't afraid to reach out to the best to help us, help you!

Meet Todd from Proheat!

Todd walked us through the benefits of the Proheat heating system and wowza!  It was muy caliente!

First thing that rang in our ears as a huge benefit...cost effective!!  It is a completely cleanable system, no need to replace any parts to keep it running.  Low maintenance, going 2 years between cleanings.  Easy to disassemble and clean each part.

Second thing is that it is the only heater on the market that varies it BTU output!  Goes from one extreme to the other flawlessly!

Third, was that it can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle so that it doesn't take up interior space.  It is essentially a 15 minute install and clamped onto the frame.  They have installed in just about every place on the vehicle and it has stood the test!

Fourth, and quite possibly the moment it was sold to us and most likely you...when he said that it can regulate 6 different zones of temperature variations.  So if you needed your fuel tank to be one temperature, your bed area to be another, and your storage areas to be different according to what you are storing in them, then this is the system you need!  

One of kind technology and available at Nomadic Cooling!

Options are endless here at Nomadic Cooling!  We got your cool side and warm hot side!

So if you want to Go Further in WARM comfort, then give us a call!

Overland Expo West 2022 I Nomadic Cooling I Van Life I Overlanding

Nomadic Cooling is the best thing happening in the air conditioning business.  Dedication to safety, comfort, and making sure that you have all your A/C needs met!  

Jonathan gives a walk about view of the people who are out living their best life. The Van Life!  The Overland Life! The Adventure Life!

Getting to see our products in action with the people who buy them is outstanding.  To witness their joy and satisfaction with our products makes us very happy!  We pride ourselves on these moments!

So if you are looking to Go Further in Comfort, then get together with Nomadic Cooling!  Let us guide you!

Mercedes Sprinter Maintenance I Nomadic Cooling I Van Conversion

The experts at Mercedes of Gilbert are looking out for you, your van, and your pocket!  They want to help you to know the important maintenance tips to keep your van go go going!!  

After all you can't live the Van Life if you are stuck on the side of the road!

If you want to Go Further in Mercedes Comfort, check out Mercedes of Gilbert and if you want help outfitting that van with the best electrical system set up and A/C then give us a ring at Nomadic Cooling!