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The Importance of Bench Testing Before Installation!
In the realm of vehicle customization and upgrades, installing an air conditioner unit ranks high on the list of comfort-enhancing modifications. Adding an air conditioning system can significantly improve the overlanding experience, especially during hot summer months. However, before you...
Size Matters - Picking The Correct AC System
Nomadic Cooling has a variety of Air Conditioners that are right for your build.  Our cutting-edge air conditioners meet the builders needs by offering 3 separate voltages, light weight, small bases with powerful compressors, and all fitting the standard rooftop...
Heat Protection: Guardians of Comfort
Introduction:As the dawn breaks and the open road beckons, the modern nomad knows the importance of comfort on their adventures. Nomadic Cooling’s X2 and X3 air conditioners stand as the guardians of this comfort, bringing unparalleled innovation and efficiency to...
When Are Class T Fuses a Bright Idea?
Class T fuses are often used in electrical systems for overland vehicles due to their specific characteristics that make them suitable for such applications.  Class T fuses are fast-acting, current-limiting fuses that provide protection against short circuits and overcurrent conditions. ...
Off Grid Electrical Kit Explained
The Roamer's Electrical System is outfitted with your choice of Victron 200ah or 330 ah battery. The battery hooks up to the Lynx Distributor which helps monitor the status of each fuse. Main battery management will come from the Victron...
Wanderer Electrical Kit Explained
Van Genius explains the Wanderer Electrical Kit and all it's benefits.  
Victron Energy Lithium Batteries
Van Genius discusses best practices and procedures when it comes to using lithium energy to power your overland electrical system. Go Further in Comfort!
Calculating Battery Size
How Many Batteries Do I Need? Usually, this question is better phrased as "How long do you want your air conditioner to RUN?", then specific calculations can be made to determine the proper battery bank size. Remember "RUN" is the...