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X3 Install & Tool Checklist
It is with great pride that we are always striving to put the best air conditioners on the market with the best customer service.  Our customer’s happiness is the best compliment to our product! 
48 Volt Systems: Harnessing the Power
Dive into the world of 48 Volt systems with this informative piece. The article sheds light on the growing importance of 48 Volt systems, especially in off-grid scenarios. It delves into the technical aspects, benefits, and potential applications, making it a must-read for those interested in advanced power solutions.
Need a Map: Temperature Sensor Placement
Temperature sensor placement can significantly impact the efficiency of cooling systems. This blog addresses the most common questions users have about where and how to place these sensors. It provides insights and best practices to ensure optimal cooling performance.
Maximizing Air Conditioner Performance - Maintenance Tips For Your Nomadic Cooling Air Conditioner
Ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your air conditioner requires regular maintenance. This article offers a comprehensive guide on maintaining Nomadic Cooling air conditioners. From cleaning to routine checks, it covers all the essential steps to keep your unit running smoothly.
Understanding Nomadic Cooling: A Deep Dive into Off-Grid Air Conditioning Solutions Experience the Comfort of Nomadic Cooling
Nomadic Cooling is renowned for its off-grid air conditioning solutions. This blog provides an in-depth exploration of their products, technology, and the unique challenges of off-grid cooling. It's a valuable resource for anyone considering an off-grid lifestyle or looking for efficient cooling solutions.
Best Heaters for Campervans
As the cold season approaches, having a reliable heater in your campervan becomes crucial. This guide reviews the top heaters suitable for campervans, discussing their features, pros, cons, and what makes them stand out in the market.
The Best Campervan Inverters: A Complete Buying Guide
Are you planning your next adventure in your campervan? Whether it's a weekend getaway or a months-long road trip, having the right gear can make all the difference. And when it comes to powering your electronic devices and appliances, you...
Best Air Conditioner for Campervans: 7 AC Units That Won't Let You Down
Comfort is paramount when traveling in a campervan. This article reviews the top 7 air conditioning units designed specifically for campervans. It highlights their features, efficiency, and why they are the best choices for keeping cool on the road.
Best Rooftop Air Conditioners for Vans - Tested In Our Own Vehicles
Campervans are more popular than ever, and with good reason! They are comfortable, convenient, and relatively low-cost. Converting a regular van into a campervan is challenging, but not impossible when you have the right tools.  Having a separate or additional...
10 of the Best Camper Van Fridges - Tested in Our Own Camper Vans
Camper vans bring some of the comforts of home to the great outdoors, but one thing that many people don’t consider is a camper van fridge. Why is a camper van fridge better than a cooler, though?  There are a...
Nomadic Cooling X3
THE ALL NEW NOMADIC X³ Smaller, Smarter, Superior Nomadic X3 is a work of art and engineering. This new 12V A/C is the go-to for Overlanders, RV'ers, Vancampers, and anyone looking to go further in comfort. And yes, you can...
Indel B OFF Plein-Aircon 12V Air Conditioner Unboxing
Van Genius gives a brief overview of the new OFF Plein-Aircon 12V air conditioner by indel B in this unboxing video. Go Further in comfort.
Best 12V Air Conditioner for Van
Kampgrounds of America estimates that in 2021 there were 93.8 million camping households in North America that consider themselves campers. That's a lot of people who like to spend time traveling, and one of the things that makes camping so...
11 Best Fridges for Van Life (Tested In Our Own Vans)
Living life on the road is an incredible experience that many dream of. But the quality of your experience depends on how well-equipped you are; having a good fridge makes your van life more comfortable. You'll bring healthy and delicious...
Off Grid Electrical Kit Explained
The Roamer's Electrical System is outfitted with your choice of Victron 200ah or 330 ah battery. The battery hooks up to the Lynx Distributor which helps monitor the status of each fuse. Main battery management will come from the Victron...
Wanderer Electrical Kit Explained
Van Genius explains the Wanderer Electrical Kit and all it's benefits.  
Inverter Options for your Overland Electrical System
Van Genius talks about the differences in each of the electrical inverters offered by Victron Energy for your overland rig. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/sTgztMslJpI
Victron Energy Lithium Batteries
Van Genius discusses best practices and procedures when it comes to using lithium energy to power your overland electrical system. Go Further in Comfort!
Overland Electrical System Explained
Van Genius breaks down the Victron Energy Electrical System for your overland rig.
CA Tuned Hood Shocks
In stock and ready to rock!  The Van Genius shows us how awesome the CA Tuned Hood Shocks are!  Installed on our SEMA show Sprinter Van outfitted in Dometic gear!
Victron Cerbo GX I Touch 70 I GX LTE 4G I Nomadic Cooling
Victron has mastered the complex electrical needs of your overland rig and adventures with awesome different pieces of equipment.  Van Genius utilizes many if not all of these pieces in his own personal vans and talks about the beauty of each component.